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BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver Download For Windows

BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver
App Name BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver
Latest Version v10.0.4
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher IVT Corporation
Requirements Android Windows
Size 141MB
5/5 Rating (2)

BlueSoleil is software that was created by a Chinese company named IVT Corporation. IVT Company has developed many top products since its formation in 1999. Their product line includes four major categories of items and software, i.e., Bluetooth stack (V4.0) with high speed and less energy consumption, BlueSoleil Bluetooth software and driver for computers and laptops, Bluetooth module for applications that are inserted or embedded, and Rescue and health management system for mobile. The world’s first Bluetooth stack was launched by an IVT firm known as Bluetooth host stack V4.0 in November 1999. The BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver and software are known to have 100 million users worldwide.

BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver Review

The firm IVT develops software and products used among one hundred and fifty companies and clients worldwide. These enterprises include British Telecom, Lenovo, LG, China Telecom, Panasonic, and Samsung. This firm’s most important service is Bluetooth qualification support through its Testing center for the Bluesoleil Generic Bluetooth driver and software for Windows.

IVT’s BlueSoleil Bluetooth software has sold over 30 million copies around the world. The interoperability testing center created by IVT has also established a vast library of Bluetooth drivers and other products that are also available in the market. It’s easy to perform the test of interoperability.

IVT manufactures various computer hardware devices for Bluetooth to connect devices to exchange data that clearly demonstrate different BlueSoleil software versions. These different and updated versions of BlueSoleil are easily available for purchase directly from the retailer’s website. All the BlueSoleil software versions implement licensing restrictions that join it to specific Bluetooth hardware or dongle.

What is Bluesoleil Driver?

BlueSoleil Driver was established by IVT Firm in 1999, and since then, this driver has constantly been serving the community of Bluetooth. It is a user-friendly, interoperable, and innovative device of IVT Corporation. This driver has become one of the most famous Bluetooth software for Windows PC in the market.

This device covered over 100 million software copies that were sold after 2009. BlueSoleil driver’s primary function is to allow your computer with Bluetooth to connect and incorporate several Bluetooth devices wirelessly.

These Bluetooth devices can include Android phones, IOS phones, mice, keyboards, audio and stereo headsets, etc. Furthermore, the BlueSoleil driver for Windows gives you access to a total of 24 functions that are different from each other and a total of 17 different languages. 

Generic Bluetooth Driver:

Generic Bluetooth Driver

BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth device 10.0 is known to be a professional Bluetooth software device for Windows. It is compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 and provisions Bluetooth 4.0. This BlueSoleil driver retains improved performance as compared to the old BlueSoleil software version.

This BlueSoleil Driver 10 can allow you to perform a variety of actions like transferring files from phones, connecting contacts via Skype by a Bluetooth headset, accessing the internet connection wirelessly anywhere, listening to music and audio from the computer by using this Bluetooth device, transferring photos from digital camera to PC without a cable connection, print documents by the help of Bluetooth printer wirelessly, and use a wireless keyboard and mouse that has Bluetooth enabled in it. 

BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver:


Bluesoleil Bluetooth Driver has joined major Bluetooth Silicon Vendors to work with, including Atheros, 3DSP, CSR, Accelsemi, etc. To check the Bluetooth driver’s connection or dongle, you will need to check your PC’s Bluetooth connection; if it is not connected, the Bluetooth sign or logo will be of grey color, if the driver or dongle is connected to the PC, it will be of blue color. If the PC is connected to a device with enabled Bluetooth, it will be green color.

Bluesoleil Generic Bluetooth Software:

BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth software is software created for Microsoft Windows and Windows CE. This software holds up Bluetooth Chipsets that come from Marvell, CSR, Broadcom, etc. This Bluetooth software is not needed on modern PCs and other Bluetooth drivers because these common Bluetooth chips are readily available from Windows Update since the launch of Windows Vista.

There is also a demo version of BlueSoleil software and driver that restricts the device after transferring 2MB of data files and has a limit of 1.5 minutes of audio in high quality or 4 hours for the mouse. Therefore the software needs to be purchased to allow unlimited usage. 

Bluesoleil Bluetooth Driver Download process:

Bluetooth drivers are crucial for devices to perform functions like transferring. It would help if you handled the processes of downloading and installing these drivers on your device yourself because Microsoft cannot provide support for all types of hardware introduced in the market.

You need to keep the drivers updated yourself and make sure if the driver needs fixing. Due to the advancement in wireless technology day by day, Windows PC users are also focused on finding a way to perform actions using Bluetooth drivers on their devices.

Download the BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver on your Windows PC. You will need to acquire and properly install the driver on your PC and follow the steps given below: 

  • Step 1: 

Check your PC system, including the brand of processor and system type, to ensure that you install the correct Bluetooth driver that is compatible with your setup. 

  • Step 2: 

Now, you have to find the correct BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver version that matches your processor. For this purpose, you can type your processor type and ‘Bluetooth driver download’ in the Google search engine. And will take you to the download links for direct downloading of the required version. 

  • Step 3:

 Lastly, you will need to open the driver file and install it according to the instructions. When the installation is complete, you may require to start your PC again. 

Download Process of Bluesoleil Software

BlueSoleil full crack of IVT firm is a well-regarded and most commonly used driver that allows the user to connect to various Bluetooth devices and computers with a single device. This BlueSoleil full crack fulfills all the requirements of a wireless connection.

One can set the system by including an additional Bluetooth device to operate it very easily. It is admired worldwide because it works on its own and doesn’t require any internet connection. Furthermore, this app can be removed and uninstalled without restricting files limit or excluding them.   

At the same time, Bluetooth logic is modernism and autonomy. What makes a set of different Bluetooth-compatible devices, mobile phones, cell phones, keyboards, fingerprints, etc. A wide choice of digital strategies similar in personality with Bluetooth, com mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards, etc. You can easily set up the system or tidy it up by adding an optional Bluetooth device to operate the system.

FAQ’s OF BlueSoleil

What is BlueSoleil?

BlueSoleil is software developed for Windows by a Chinese firm named IVT Corporation.
This software was created to allow Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect with any other PC
without the need for a wired connection.

How to use Bluesoleil?

To use BlueSoleil on Windows, you need to click on the BlueSoleil icon present on your
desktop to start BlueSoleil. Another way is to go to the start menu, click Programs, then click
on IVT BlueSoleil to start.

How to get a Bluesoleil serial number?

BlueSoleil Crack free serial number provides help with Bluetooth errors and allows us to
share unlimited data between PC and other devices. You can get this serial number by
writing ‘serial number for the version of your BlueSoleil driver device’ and get the required
serial number.

How to activate BlueSoleil?

To activate the BlueSoleil Driver, you need to download the BlueSoleil activation key or
serial key from the website that provides you with the required version of your BlueSoleil

How do I connect my Bluesoleil Bluetooth?

To connect your BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver, first click the device icon on your Windows,
which will open a popup menu, click on Connect, and then choose service. BlueSoleil will
connect automatically.

How do I install Bluesoleil software?

To install the latest BlueSoleil version on your PC, visit the relevant website download page
and install it directly. Follow the instructions after clicking on setup.exe to complete the
installation process.

How to use the Wii remote on PC with BlueSoleil?

First, to use the Wii remote on PC with BlueSoleil, start the BlueSoleil device and right-click
on the Bluetooth menu on the taskbar. Then click the 1+2 button on Wii remote and double-click the golden circle in the center on BlueSoleil. Lastly, double-click again on the Wii
remote icon to find the HID service through BlueSoleil software.

Why is Bluesoleil’s generic Bluetooth driver not working?

There may be several issues that cause your diver to stop working. Follow any one of the
methods given below to fix the problem:
a. Try to restart your Bluetooth device and enable it again.
b. You can also try to run the system file scan that checks for any errors.
c. Update your Bluetooth device to the new and latest version.
d. You can also find the problem by running the Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter.

How to remove or uninstall BlueSoleil completely?

To remove or uninstall the BlueSoleil device driver from your PC, open the programs and
features first, click on BlueSoleil 8.0 (whatever version you installed), and then click on
Install to start the uninstallation process.


BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth driver is appreciated worldwide and is widely used software for connection purposes between PC and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This software can respond to various devices that need to be connected without the need for the internet. BlueSoleil covers authentication and simple modeling.

It works spontaneously without any restrictions. Moreover, the BlueSoleil Generic crack-free driver of IVT firm allows your Bluetooth-enabled Windows PC to synchronize with a large number of Bluetooth devices like mobile phones, keyboards, and mouse, stereo headsets, 

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