Why Pikashow is Not Working?

Pikashow Apk is one of the finest application to stream live matches or it is the best live streaming application. But there are some issues on the app that’s why Pikashow is not working properly. There are too many reasons they stops the performance of it. Let discuss some knowing issues that’s stopping the work of pikashow TV.

Why Pikashow is Not Working?

There are some highlight issues you must have to know. Let me know the problems that you facing.

  • The app is not working when it is on maintenance mod.
  • May be the server is down or busy.
  • Due to cache.
  • Internet connection is one another big issue.
  • It is banded in some countries.
  • Due to the changes in date and time setting of your device.
  • Update device.
  • If you use wrong logins.
  • Because of it updates.
  • Due to IP blocked.
  • May be it is not compatible with your device.

These all the all reasons that stop the performing of Pikashow App. May be there are some other problems that you are facing must share with us what is the actual problem that you face. We are here to solve your issues and problems. But now don’t worry about it our team is trying to fix all problems that you face. Just follow the guidance mentioned given below hope it will work. If still it doesn’t we are trying alternate solutions.

  1. If the app is on maintenance mod must patience and wait for some time it will start work automatically.
  2. Sometimes the server will be down here you should cooperate and wait.
  3. Clear the cache and try to run.
  4. Check your internet connection or Wi-Fi maybe issue on your internet.
  5. Pikashow Apk is banded in some countries must check the country list or use a VPN.
  6. Also Update your device and retry.
  7. Sometimes user forget their password and username if you also then must change it logins.
  8. When the new version of app is introducing then the previous version stop working, you have to check latest version.
  9. Use VPN to run the app to confirm that your IP is not blocked.

So guys there are some problems and their solutions are listed. Hope the given information is helpful for you to run the Pikashow on your devices. Also, experience these things, Uninstall and reinstall the application, restart your device and clear the cache & data from your android devices.

If still it doesn’t working we use some other methods to reopen the app and to watch live shows and tournaments like IPL, World Cup, FIFA World cup and other events from your handsets.

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