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BCM20702A0 Driver Download V12.0.0.9980) For Windows

BCM20702A0 Driver
App Name BCM20702A0 Driver
Latest Version v12.0.0.99
Last Updated 8 October 2023
Publisher BCM
Requires Android pc
Size 172MB
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BCM20702A0 driver is required for some Bluetooth components to interact correctly with your Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, you would like to read the article and download the Driver for your convenience.

BCM20702A0 Driver Review

The Broadcom chipset is found in many laptops, USB Dongle adapters, and other devices. Hopefully, the correct device driver is listed below, and remember to back up your system and files before installing any new drivers.

Drivers are critical for the efficient operation of many components of your computer. For example, if you have ever used a Bluetooth device, you might see an odd entry named BCM20702A0 in your Device Manager.

This is a technique that establishes a link between the hardware and the framework. Therefore, your drivers must be up to date and appropriately installed, especially for Bluetooth devices. Your computer will not use Bluetooth capabilities if the appropriate drivers are not installed, as no connection can be formed on your computer.


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BCM20702A0 Driver error:

BCM20702A0 Driver error

The Driver for your laptop includes a Bluetooth Adapter. When you try to connect the adapter for the first time, the Driver begins automatically. The Driver, on the other hand, becomes unavailable in the event of a mistake.

After that, after putting in a lot of work, you will be able to connect it. If you are experiencing this issue, you must remove the Bluetooth driver and any associated components.

After that, reinstall them. If any program is blocking the Driver from installing, you may get the BCM20702a0 driver error Windows 10. In addition, the Bluetooth tab in the Device Manager Windows may not always appear.

How to fix the BCM20702A0 Driver’s failure to respond to errors on windows?

How to fix the BCM20702A0 Driver fails to respond error on windows?

A response timeout might occur if the concerned Driver fails to establish a functioning connection. This problem is frequently linked to malfunctioning Bluetooth devices like CSR Bluetooth and BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth. In this scenario, here’s something you should attempt.

Please wait a few minutes after completely unplugging your Bluetooth adapter from its USB connector. Your computer will be able to validate that the device is no longer connected due to this action. Reconnect your Bluetooth adapter. If you don’t wholly connect the adapter, problems may arise. 

Check to see whether your Bluetooth adaptor is now operational. If it does not, proceed to the next step. Change the USB port where your Bluetooth adapter is plugged in. Next, check to see whether your Bluetooth adaptor is working. If it still doesn’t work, there’s a good chance something is wrong with the adaptor. Make sure to contact customer service or an IT professional.

Why my BCM20702A0 Driver is not working?

Why my BCM20702A0 Driver is not working?

The Driver occurs specific errors at random. Some users are surprised to see the driver show in Device Manager. If your computer has built-in Bluetooth capabilities or purchased a Bluetooth-related gadget, this should be typical.

The Driver is missing, or it has been noted that the Driver is occasionally utterly absent from a computer. Even though you used or attempted to use a Bluetooth device, the Driver may not have installed it. As a result, the Driver does not work.

Even if you have the Driver installed, your Bluetooth capability may cease or fail to react. Below is a quick and straightforward solution to this problem. The Driver is missing. You may be aware that you require the Driver but are unable to locate it.

We’ll lead you in the correct way below, so don’t worry. The Driver cannot be installed. Even if you know where to get the Driver, some users aren’t comfortable installing it themselves. If this is the case, have a look at the steps below and follow them. The Driver cannot be uninstalled. Some people may find removing a driver from their computer complex.


Many programs are available on the market that automatically updates your drivers without doing much more than clicking a button. We have gathered some of the tops recommended and free driver updater solutions for Windows 10 to keep this post as accessible as possible. Therefore, go to the download link and start downloading it.


How to update the BCM20702A0 Driver?

Press the Windows + R buttons on your keyboard. This will launch the Run application. Hit the OK button after typing devmgmt. MSC. The Device Manager appears as a result of this action. Make a note of where your Bluetooth adaptor is.
It is worth noting that it may appear as an Unknown device in certain situations; this is common, especially if you are missing drivers. So, first, update the Bluetooth adapter’s Driver by right-clicking on it. Then, select Browse my computer for driver software from the drop-down menu.

How can I find the BCM20702A0 Bluetooth on my computer?

The Driver may be difficult to obtain, especially for people who are not very tech-savvy. Here’s how to look for it or make sure it is not installed on your machine. At that exact moment, press the Windows + R buttons on your keyboard. This will launch the Run application.
Hit the OK button after typing devmgmt. MSc. The Device Manager appears as a result of this action. Using the arrow sign, expand the other devices section. Look to check whether the Driver is listed.

What device is BCM20702A0?

When you use a Bluetooth device, your Device Manager may show a listing called BCM20702A0. The Broadcom driver is a device that enables particular Bluetooth components to connect with your Windows 10 operating system effectively.

How to remove the BCM20702A0 from Windows?

Go to Device Manager to uninstall BCM20702A0. Additionally, select Bluetooth from the drop-down box. Then, right-click it and remove all of the drivers it contains.

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