Arceus X Roblox Mod Menu APK Download (V3 2.1.6) For Android

Arceus X
App Name Arceus X
Latest Version v3_2.1.6
Last Updated 6 October 2023
Publisher SPDM TEAM
Requirements Android 5+
Category Role Playing
Size 127MB
5/5 Rating (2)

Arceus X is an Android app and it is a Roblox mod menu application. It is one of the popular and first developed mod menu apps, this incredible app with beautiful features specially designed for android devices, unfortunately, it will not run on any other device other than android. After downloading Arceus X APK on your device it will allow you to accomplish and run the script in the Roblox game. It allows you to do infinite jumps, enhance speed, and many more.

This is a very unique app that is developed for the operating system of android and it is developed by using various nodes like C++, and JAVA. This is an amazing app to talk about as it will execute the script in the game and this has a floating menu. The menu is very good and the interface of this app is very simple and easy this app is best for Roblox game lovers. You should use this app to enhance your game.

Before the Arceus X app, all the Roblox players felt very difficult playing this game they did a huge struggle to execute the script in the Roblox game. But after the development of this beautiful and unique app. Roblox gamers felt very easy in running and executing the script they do not have to do many struggles it became easier now. Now you can win the game very easily. Just use this app to make your game smoother.

Arceus X Review:

Before the development of the Arceus X, the players of the Roblox game have to face huge challenges and only the one who played the game on Pc will be able to cheat in the game and use various cheats to win the Roblox game. But now all gamers no matter whether they are using mobile or pc can use cheats and run and execute the script in the game. This development is very good for all the Roblox players.

There is good news for Roblox lovers this application is 100 percent free to use and download. Now you do not have to pay to win the game, you can download the Arceus X APK for android for free from this website and after that, you can install this on your android devices and then you will be able to play the Roblox game with cheats and you will be able to run and execute the script for the game.

This app is free of cost along with this you do not have to face any difficulty in downloading. The interface of this app is very simple and you do not have to face any third-party apps. You do not feel any disturbance while playing the game, it will enhance and smoothen your gameplay. It is worth downloading and using the app, you will not get disappointed after using this app as its unique features will engage you.

Arceus X Roblox Mod Menu

Features Of Arceus X Roblox Mod Menu:

Operating System:

this app is only downloaded in the operating system of a minimum android of 5.0 OS. You cannot download this app on any other operating system like ios and any other.

MOD Version:

It is the mod version of its real app. As it is a third-party app

Easy User Interface:

the interface of this app is very simple and very easy and every individual who uses it feels that this is very simple ad easy to handle.

Ads-free environment:

It does not have any advertisements, and you have got an ads-free environment on the game, which means you will not disturb by any third-party app.

Game modifier:

This is a third-party app that is the mod version of the original app. So, it will help you to modify your Roblox game. this app is heaven for all Roblox lovers as it will enhance their gameplay by using various cheats.

Advanced features:

It is a mod version so it has more advanced features than the original one.

Free To Download:

Arceus X Roblox Mod Menu APK is 100 percent free to download and free to use. You do not have to pay for downloading and using this app, you can use this application free of cost.

Get various cheats:

You can get different cheats like script hub, games hub, and executor that help you to enhance your gameplay.

Speed hack:

Now you will get another cheat that is a speed enhancer, it will allow you to boost your speed.

Infinite jump:

You can jump over infinity using some cheat.

Various mods:

You can change the game in different mods like the night mod that turn your screen into the dark, and the ghost mod that allows you to hide.

Regular updates:

It will be updated after some time which will allow you to be more effective and more active.

What’s new in Arceus X APK?

  1. The script is improved than before.
  2. Fixed bugs and errors.
  3. You will get a snake mode.
  4. Scrip support is more extended.
Is Arceus X Roblox Mod Menu APK 100 percent Safe to download and use?

Yes, of course, it is 100 percent secure and safe to use and download on your device. Trust the site and download this app.

When will Arceus get the update?

It will be updated after every small interval as the developers introduce some new features and fix all the problems and made it more effective and efficient.

Why Arceus app is crashing?

This is a third-party app time it happens with your app but you do not have to worry it’s normal. What you have to do is close the game and restart.


Arceus X APK is the first Roblox mod menu application it is one of the popular and first developed mod menu apps. It allows you to play the Roblox game efficiently with the aid of this app. You can download it free for your Android devices from here. You can also try the Hydrogen executor to scrip injector for the Roblox game.

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