Arabs Hackers VIP APK Download (Latest V5_OB39) For Android

Arabs Hackers VIP
App Name Arabs Hackers VIP
Latest Version v5_OB38
Last Updated 5 October 2023
Publisher JIHED YT
Requirements Android 5+
Category Free Fire Injectors
Size 114MB
3.1/5 Rating (8)

Since the worldwide competition is very high, especially in the mobile game industry. There is no doubt that the Arabs hackers VIP OB38 tried to win the market with its amazing features and ever-demanding options. The Arab hacker VIP APK is no other than the better version of the original version.

In addition to that, you will get all the features including ESPs, MedKit, Wallhack, AIMBOT, Telekill, and more regarding all the inbuilt qualities. Furthermore, the application does not consume much space on mobile or smart devices. Unlike other software, this application is very simple to use as it offers a user-friendly interface.

Similarly, the most interesting thing is that it does not require any login information. You have to check this software if you wanted to experience new adventures. We have also added an advanced features list for you to read and know all the amazing listing features. Moreover, we have added an installation and download process.

Arabs Hackers VIP Review:

Arabs hackers VIP is among the most lavish mod menu application and it is specially designed for all FF players. You will be happy to know that this application sums up all the needs of gamers and athletes because it has all the premium features and elements without spending any amount.

Moreover, when compared with other applications and other ordinary applications, the Arab hacks VIP OB38 free fire holds a very important ranking and it would not be wrong if we settle it to the highest position along with Bypass, ESPs, and Visual skins. Interestingly, you can now examine your masterpiece application such as the H4X mod menu by using the in-built features of this application.

Similarly, the Application comes with multiple pre-installed features and characteristics such as powerful snipers, weapons, and even a player’s costume.  The Aimbot option comes with different things such as Aim Auto, Aim FOV, Aim Scope, and Aim Fire. Moreover, you can find a better view through the walls and containers by using the ESP Extra Sensory perception provided in the application. The ESP menu will also give more amazing options like ESP fire local, Line Box, and much more.

Features of Arabs Hacks VIP OB38:

The newest version is best suitable for all the free-fire flames, in short, you can become a pro player in just a few days by using the premium features, skins, and tools without evening spending any money, gold, and diamond. Moreover, we have gathered all the features that are enlisted in the provided cheat sheet of Arabs Hackers VIP APK.

Menu ESP:

  1. Line
  2. Box
  3. Fire
  4. Skeleton
  5. ESP Fire Local
  6. ESP Line Local
  7. Grenade
  8. ESP Color

The Menu Aimbot:

  1. Aim Auto
  2. Aim Fire
  3. Aim Scope
  4. Aim FOV

Menu Plus:

  1. Medkit Run
  2. Charge Gun Speed
  3. Auto Kill (Box)
  4. Wallhack Max (Lobby)
  5. Hack Diamonds
  6. Hack Coins

Menu Telekill:

  1. Teleport Car
  2. Telekill Pro
  3. Ghost Hack

Advanced Features of Arab Hackers VIP Free Fire:

This section deals with the advanced and premium features that you will get for free.

  • The software has enriched the free fire menu with different premium features
  • All the features are genuine and work perfectly fine
  • You can easily access all the premium items
  • The application is of small size and does not contain any expenditure
  • No password and login details are required
  • All the previous bugs are fixed
  • No need to have any OBB files

FAQs About Arab Hacker Vip:

How to install the Arab VIP?

To install the application, you have to follow a few steps. Please keep in mind that the application is downloaded from a third-party application therefore you have to grant installation permission. For that, open the mobile setting option and go to the security option. Moreover, you will find the option saying “unknown resources”, check the box. Go back to the downloaded file, and click on it. The file will automatically start installing. Wait for a few seconds and explore the app.

Are Arabs hackers VIP OB38 easy to use or not?

Of course yes, the application is very simple and will operate without creating any trouble. All the menus and options are very similar to the original game however in this app you will not have any item that is locked. Everything provided in the app is already unlocked and ready to use.

Are Arab hacker VIP safe and legal?

Yes, it is safe and legal to install. It is the best-modified version of the original Garena free fire game. So, it is safe and secure to use.

Are there any precautions to avoid the risk of banning?

To avoid banning, you can use the cheat features one by one and never use all the features all at once. Just play as a regular player.

What are the advantages of using the Arabs hackers VIP free fire max?

The application is very simple to use and easy to understand. The app also has multiple amazing features and you can use all the features without any limits.

How to update the Arab hacker VIP on my phone?

The automatic update of the application is currently not available. However, you can re-install the latest version to get the updated features. The process of downloading the application is quite simple and straightforward. Additionally, we have provided the simplest way to download Arabs Hackers VIP APK to avoid all the account creation formalities and login formalities. At the end of this article, you will find a download button.


We have given you the best app so far, so you must try the Arabs hackers VIP OB38 APK free fire max. Download and share the app with your friend who loves to play the free fire game and wanted to mark top ranking.

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