Antena TV APK Download Latest Version V1.8.4 Free For Android

Antena TV APK
App Name Antena TV APK
Latest Version v1.8.4
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Size 26.9MB
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This is the platform you need to watch international entertainment channels. It is a power hub app for entertainment and includes everything to stream and watch. Antena TV APK is a free interactive media portable app that permits you to watch free live international TV channels. Created by SEPUOS LABS, this app offers video streams of different free TV channels all over the world and lets you get to them without much inconvenience.

It has an easy-to-use interface—however, its language is split between English and Spanish programming and there aren’t any app settings. Everything has gotten to be so helpful these days that we for the most part get most of the things on our portable devices only and are dependent on them in so many ways. We also search for something curiously on our phones for entertainment. Today’s article is about an astounding app that will let you watch your top choice shows on your mobile as it were that’s Antenna TV Lite.

This app is accessible for all Android devices out there. You’ll be able to observe all the TV shows here that you have been watching on your TV for a long time now. Presently you don’t need to stick to your tv to watch those shows as you’ll watch them straightforwardly on your versatile mobile device only. With the changing environment in every profession, you will see changes in technology. You can use the Antena TV APK as a mini-tv and watch all your favorite shows on it.

Antena TV Review:

The app is very easy to use and has a great interface. The interface itself is very attractive and amazing. Since mobile TV came into being, it has not stopped advancing. This is often because of the continuous revelation of modern alternatives. All of this helps clients across the world to appreciate diverse content on their mobile devices.

What’s amazing is that you simply don’t have to pay a penny to enjoy this offer. All you’ve got to do is to download the Antena TV app. There are currently distinctive apps that make this possible. Nowadays, individuals now appreciate distinctive streaming alternatives on their mobile gadgets.

One of the currently accessible options is Antena TV APK, which permits clients to enjoy TV anywhere and anytime. It is imperative to note that this app alters M3U TV channel records. The only thing that’s required may be a stable internet connection. You’d be informed on almost different events, inferring that you’d never miss a show. Utilizing web providers to watch TV via your mobile gadgets is without a doubt an astonishing development.

It has in truth become one of the leading alternatives to be embraced by individuals in watching their favorite movies. The app has included all the top-rated, famous, and trending video content. It includes the latest movies and shows. Once you start using the application, you will never feel any need to watch TV. Get yourself rid of this and download it for free.

Features Of Antena TV:

The app has the following major features that have made it so popular.


You will get to see the content of all the genres. There is no limit to the very specific kind of content to be shown by the app.

Latest and Top-rated movies:

It has all the trending and top-rated movies in HD quality to watch for its users. You can play your favorite movie in the application in a safe environment.


This app has a radio so that you can listen to your favorite shows and enjoy them. Listening to the radio is very addictive and people love it.

Fast speed:

The speed of the Antena TV APK is very fast and smooth. The app never hangs or stops working on its own. Its software is very good.

Kid mode:

The amazing option is available in that you can turn on the kid mode if you want to give your mobile to them. This feature allows you to ensure the safety of your child.

Adult mode or 18+ category:

You can also switch to the adult category which will also be secured and allows you to watch content that should not be seen casually.

Amazing interface:

The interface of the application has an amazing and brilliant interface. The graphical representation of the app is very good and attractive.

What’s New In The latest Antena TV APK?

Many apps have been updated and come for download in the latest version available. The latest version of this application also has some changes and updates.

  • Antena TV APK allows you to share your favorite programs with friends and family members who have the same network. You can get this by using the link process effectively.
  • You will no longer need to sit in front of the TV and use it on mobile with fast and stable streaming just like TV.
  • The latest version has removed all the errors that may have made the app slow and it’s working as well.
  • You can get instant updates automatically in your notification bar.
  • The list of channels has also been updated in the latest version.

FAQs About Antena:

What type of channels are there on Antena TV?

It includes all channels of national and international media. You can create a list of your favorite channels and stream accordingly. It includes all the genres to be watched by its users.

What is the speed of Antena APK?

It has high speed and fast playing patterns. There are no holds and loading processes in the video play. You will get smooth streaming.

Can I turn on Kid View in the Antena TV APK for free?

Yes, any of you can do the Kid Mode of the app. You can use this view to entertain your child and give them enjoyment.

How many channels are included to stream in the Antena App?

There are more than 100 channels available to watch in the app. You can rate your list of channels and get what you want at the above of the screen


You must have got to know about the amazing Antena TV APK and want to download the app now. Your wait is all justified as the application has many more interesting things that you will see when you use the app. Stable streaming is very difficult and not everything is available to watch for free. It has all your wishes fulfilled. You can watch all your favorite moves, TV shows, Dramas, and other video content as per your liking. There is no limit to watching in this app. Download the APK file and enjoy streaming for free.

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