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Anime Injector ML APK Download (Latest V1.60) Free For Android

Anime Injector ML
App Name Anime Injector ML
Latest Version v1.60
Last Updated 27 February 2024
Publisher Kaneki
Requires Android 4+
Category ML Injectors
Size 7.6 MB
3.4/5 Rating (8)

MLBB is the most famous shooting and survival game among young people. They play these types of games very enthusiastically. This game is getting more and more attractive day by day by achieving its most advanced features. But players need to spend their diamonds and money to buy these premium features. If you are not a good player and want to become a pro player and want to be on the list of top-notch players you need to install this cheat tool application named Anime Injector ML APK.

It will help you to gain unlimited diamonds, and everyone who is playing the game wants more diamonds, so by using them they will be able to further proceed in the game. By using this incredible application, players can unlock all the premium stuff of this game with just one click. You will be able to gain 100 free ML skins for your hero, you can use this skin to make your hero attractive. You can change your hero’s outfit according to your choice.

Anime Injector ML Review:

Along with Anime Injector ML, you can gain other premium stuff, that other players don’t have, by using this cheat tool app, for example, you can also get a customized background for your game and you can change them accordingly. This includes different and attractive themes, and a done view from which you can see different angles while staying water, this will give you an edge over your enemy.

You can also get many other premium features like Eliminations, Analogs, Emotes, and Spawn, you can see these in HD display so that you can enjoy the game in HD and feel that you are playing for real. In MLBB it is very necessary to win the game against your enemy who has more powerful tools than you and also is more pro player than you. so in this case you need to use anime ML APK to survive in the game longer against your enemy.

This is an amazing ML skin injector application among all the apps of the same category as you can get all the premium stuff for free, yes you do not have to pay even a single penny. This app helps you highlight the hidden capacities that will help you to proceed in the game. I will bet you, that you will never get disappointed after downloading and using this app as this is the best app that will give you the edge over your enemy and help you to win the game. This is the most amazing app ever.

The main menu of Anime injector:

After opening this app you will see the main menu list in front of you, where you can choose whatever you need. The menu list is here.

  1. Various Skin: by using the Anime injector ML you will get 100 + skins under these categories like Assassin, marksman, fighter, and mage,  for your ML Heroes.
  2. Drone Views: you will be able to see 3x to 8x drone views from every possible angle.
  3. Border: by using this app you will be able to control or customize games’ screen views.
  4. Background: you can get customized backgrounds according to your taste.
  5. Analogs: You will be able to change the analogs setting easily.

The core feature of Anime injector ML:

  • You will be able to get customized anime skim for your avatar
  • Along with this, you can also get various ML skins for your MLBB hero.n
  • No root is required.
  • It will enhance your gameplay.
  • You can use this app free of cost as it does not require any registration or any kind of sign-up.
  • You don’t have to pay a single penny to unlock premium stuff for your MLBB game.
  • You can use every tool that is given in the game but it is unlocked, you can unlock it with just one click and get the advantage over your enemy.
  • No password is required to use the app.
  • This app has a very simple user interface
  • This is very easy to use and everyone can handle it easily.
  • You can also get battle emotes and cheat tools.
  • You can unlock the drone view.

Working on the anime injector APK

After reading all the features and overview of this app if you want to use this app you need to first download the latest version of Anime Injector ML APK from the link provided. After downloading this APK file, you have to install this app on your Android phone. after completing the process of installation, click the icon of this app to launch it. Open it and you will see the main menu from where you can choose whatever you have needed. Start using this app and enjoy playing the game.

FAQs About ML Anime Injector

Is screen fit available in Anime Injector ML APK?

This app also allows you to unlock the screen fit tool that will fit the screen of the MLBB game to the size of your mobile phone so that you will get a better visual of the game.

Can I use these cheats too for free or do I have to pay for them?

By using the anime ML app you will get all the tools for free, you do not have to pay for them to use and win the game.

Is this app legal to use?

Yes, this app is legal.

How much capacity Android is required to download?

This app requires an Android of 5.0 or higher.


 If you want to enhance your gameplay then you need to download Anime Injector ML APK as it will help you to win the game and give you the edge over your enemy by providing you the opportunity to unlock all the premium stuff for free. Hope you like other ML Injectors such as New Imoba 2023, NBS Reborn 2023, and ML Plus Injector.

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