AG3 Whatsapp APK 2023 (Latest Version) V35.15 Free Download

AG3 Whatsapp
App Name AG3 Whatsapp
Latest Version v35.15
Last Updated 11 October 2023
Publisher Asim Mahjoub
Requires Android 4+
Category Communication
Size 77.2MB
5/5 Rating (1)

All of us are frequent users of Whatsapp messenger applications. We use this app to communicate with our friends and family members. The application is the most popular and commonly used app for all Android and Apple users. AG3 is the modified version of the app. You can Download AG3 Whatsapp APK 2023 latest version and use the additional features of WhatsApp.

It includes many features that are not available in the original app. And people who like such features use this modified app. Get this modified version of WhatsApp and use exciting new features. It works similarly to Whatsapp Messenger but has other features demanded by the users. It has similar working and privacy precautions.

AG3 Whatsapp Review:

AG3 is a changed version of the regular messenger that has extra stuff added to it. In addition, many problems have been resolved or completely solved. Therefore, you can have fun with all the extra advantages of using this updated version. However, if you continue reading, you will discover many more advantages of WhatsApp Messenger that far surpass the original version.

If you want to know more, keep reading. First, you can change the way WhatsApp looks, unlike the regular version. This is already a big advantage because most people will use the regular Messenger version. But, this is a simple thing that exists in this app. You can change how your chats look in all your themes and apps. The new update makes it easier and more personal.

You can stop getting phone calls from people you have removed from your contacts list. Is someone bothering you? Don’t worry, no one will bother you if you use AG3 Whatsapp because you have full control over who can call or message you on your profile and account. You can send broadcasts to everyone in your WhatsApp, not just your individual messages.

This helps to make your account more varied and allows you to connect with more people. There are many other features in this app, you need to install it to see them. After considering everything, it is recommended that you download it free for Android on your device. It is the top app you should have on your device. The first version of the app was already very popular on any Android device.

What Are The Main Features Of AG3 WhatsApp?

It is a different version of WhatsApp that people use to talk to each other. This Android app was made to add features that were not available on the official WhatsApp app. The app has the following features

Lock Whatsapp:

You can make your Whatsapp secure and safe by locking it. It will allow you to lock WhatsApp with a security key and only you will be able to open it and see your personal chats and messages. You can also use FM WhatsApp to Lock your WhatsApp.

Save Status:

You watch the status of your friends and like many of them. You may want to keep them in your gallery to post as well. Now you can easily download those statuses and save them on your gallery to post them and view them later on.

Multiple Pictures Send:

You can send unlimited pictures and files to your friends on WhatsApp. This app has the capacity to send large files and there is no limit on sending the amount of files. It is The most irritating thing about WhatsApp that you are unable to send more than 30 pictures at a time. Fouad WhatsApp also provides the same feature if you are interested then you use it.

View Removed Messages:

Sometimes, people you care about or your friends send you text messages and then delete them before you have a chance to read them. The regular WhatsApp app doesn’t let you see deleted chats, but AG3 WhatsApp can show you all the deleted messages and pictures. We all know that this is a great feature and everyone wants to have it. You can also use YO WhatsApp to see the deleted messages.

Customize Fonts:

You can now customize the font of your WhatsApp. Now you can change the style and resize it easily. You can choose different font styles, sizes, and colors in this app, which you won’t find in the original version.

Turn On Auto-Reply:

The app allows you to write a text and make it send to people automatically. You may want to send a text to a person but will be unable at that time, you can edit it in auto-reply. And it will be sent automatically to the concerned person.

Hide Last Seen And Typing Status:

Many users get offended by the online and last-seen status of their friends. If you face such problems, you can easily turn it off. Your online or last seen status will never be shown to anyone if you turn this feature on using this application.

What’s new In The Latest Version V35.15?

The latest and updated version of the AG3 Whatsapp APK 2023 has the following additions to it

  • You can hide the status view for others but can see your views.
  • You can customize your private chats and edit them to make them look elegant.
  • You can apply themes on your WhatsApp interface and use different customized themes.
  • You can remove the forward tag from your forwarding messages.
  • You can now pin unlimited chats and see everything important on the above sheet.
Is it reliable to use AG3 Whatsapp for your personal chats?

Yes, it is secure and safe and does not leak any information. You can feel free to use this app in a safe environment. It is a reliable and useful app.

Can I back up my data using the AG3?

Yes, you can back up your chats, pictures, videos, and documents using this app. You can connect your backup email and back up all the data.


It is a great app that helps people communicate with each other. Lots of people from all over the world are downloading this app. This is a great option instead of using regular WhatsApp. It has many cool things that make chatting comfortable and fun. You will have a good experience talking to others when you use this app. You can download the AG3 Whatsapp APK 2023 latest version easily and use your phone to talk and see your family and friends. While you chat with them, they give you lots of different emojis and stickers, which makes it fun. You can get this app from our website without paying anything.

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