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Acer Touchpad Driver Download (Latest V19.0.25.5) For Windows

Acer Touchpad Driver
App Name Acer Touchpad Driver
Latest Version v19.0.25.5
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Acer
Requires Android Windows
Size 674KB
0/5 Rating (0)

Hi viewer, you have come to the right place for the Acer Touchpad driver. Drivers are very important to make your Laptop, computers or devices work effectively and efficiently. It will allow your device to get connected with any hardware outside. Acer touchpad driver download is available here for your windows.

Drivers play the role of bridge between hardware and operating system. This needs to be updated for good results. One thing you need to keep in mind while downloading Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Acer PC Windows is that you should not turn off your computer. 

Acer laptops have their own designed and compatible touchpad drivers for them. Currently, it has 3 or 4 drivers according to the model of your laptop. It allows your computer software to get in contact and communicate with the touchpad.

Acer Touchpad Driver Review

It is free software that eases its user to work with their PCs. It is very important to make your touchpad drivers up to date once you have downloaded them. Acer downloads are available for Windows 7 and above versions. But still, before downloading it, make sure you are downloading the right touchpad driver compatible with your device.

It is an easy process with an amazing driver. To download any driver, you must know about your windows and their compatibility with different drivers; otherwise, it can badly harm or damage your computers. Therefore, you need a secure and helpful website from where you can download the touchpad driver for your PCs.

Our website makes sure to provide you secure downloading connection for the Acer touchpad driver. Drivers are only useable if downloaded with a designed touchpad. We will let you know all about your PCs and their designed touchpad driver. The Touchpad driver needs to be updated frequently because it always comes up with a new and updated version that lets your device work in good condition.

If you notice anything wrong with your touchpad, it means there is something wrong with your Acer touchpad. You can check your drivers in the device manager. The Acer touchpad is an amazing driver for your PCs. It is an updated touchpad driver for your windows.

There may be a problem with your Acer touchpad, and it gets disabled. If you have anything like this, you should try to re-enable it to check your touchpad after enabling check if you can use the Acer touchpad. If it is still not working, you should install an Acer touchpad driver. 

Acer laptop Touchpad Driver Features

Acer touchpad drivers come along with many features that make them different from other touchpad drivers. These features are as follows:

  • You can use it with any other device other than Acer laptops.
  • Easy to download.
  • It has an updated version that is free of many bugs.
  • It can work with 32-bit operating systems as well as 64-bit operating systems. 
  • You can check the compatibility model for the Acer touchpad in RUN.

Download Touchpad Driver For Acer PC Windows

Before downloading, make sure your system consists of windows 7 or above versions. It is only workable in windows 7 and all the above versions. These versions have slightly different ways to work and different touchpad drivers. Most of the time, you need to contact or access the device manager after downloading it to let it start working.

The download button is right below; you can download the extension file easily by clicking on it. You must download it in Acer touchpad safe mode, which means closing all the other programs and rebooting the system.

How to Install Acer Touchpad Driver?

After downloading it successfully from our website, check if your device configures any files or not. Go to the device manager and open it. To find any touchpad drivers in the device manager, you have to select and click on any human interface device like a mic and any pointing device. Then, right-click on the device and click start. It will tell your computer to work with new touchpad drivers that have been installed perfectly.

FAQs About Acer Touchpad

Can I download the Acer touchpad driver in Windows 10?

Yes, Acer touchpad driver download is available for Windows 10. You can download it from here and can see the details of the whole process from start to end. First, you have to check which Acer touchable is best compatible with your device.

Why my Acer touchpad driver is missing?

Your Acer touchpad can get disabled if you haven’t worked for so long or if you have updated your drivers. You just have to go to the device manager and then find your Acer touchpad and enable it again. There can be any other reason, too; you can also check and find your touchpad by restarting your computer.

Is there any need for an Acer touchpad driver update?

Yes, you need to frequently check our website if there is an updated version and download it as soon as possible. Updates in the Acer touchpad need to be solved quickly because if you are using any old version, it may not work properly. It can also affect your other drivers from working effectively.

How can I re-install my touchpad driver?

If you have accidentally uninstalled or deleted your touchpad driver, you can easily reinstall it. To make your touchpad re-enable, you need to press keys on your keyboard. First, you have to press the function key (F6 or F7), which has a touchpad icon on it, and the Fn key both at the same time. Now check if you can access your Acer touchpad.


Acer touchpad driver needs to be updated frequently because it always comes up with a new and updated version that lets your device work in good condition. If you notice anything wrong with your touchpad, it means there is something wrong with your touchpad driver. If you are using Dell or HP laptops then you need relevant Drivers such as HP ProBook 450 G2 Touchpad. You may also like Acer Monitor Driver.

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