Epson L130 Driver Download For Windows

Epson L130 Driver For windows

Download Epson L130 driver to enable your printer to work smoothly and without any hindrance. We believe that a printer is just a contraption sitting on your table unless you don’t have an apt driver installed on your computer.

You probably had a cd or DVD in the package with the printer, but those CDs don’t last forever. They get damaged over time, or maybe you lost it somewhere. Well, you can download the driver from our site anytime.

Suppose you have issues like your computer not recognizing the printer. Those are some problems that result from not correctly installing the driver on your computer. If you want to set up your Epson printer to the pc, you should probably download the Epson L130 driver ASAP.

Epson L130 Printer Driver

For your computer to communicate with the printer, you need software that does a mediator’s work. It enables both the devices to recognize each other and establish a secure connection. If the cd with the printer is missing, you can resolve your issues by downloading the driver from our site. Moreover, the Epson L130 printer driver download resolves many of your problems with the printer or the computer being unable to recognize the printer.

Epson L130 Printer Driver Download

Down below are a few straightforward steps to download the driver on your computer.

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Now, this initiates the download and then saves it in a folder. You can find it in your downloads folder.
  3. Now, if Whenever you want to install the driver, double click the .exe file.


When should one install the Epson L130 Printer Driver?

There many cases when installing a new driver becomes very necessary. First, whenever it’s out of date.

Also, when older ones are not compatible with the windows. Sometimes the driver is misconfigured, and installing a new one is very important. Sometimes you try to connect nut your computer fails to recognize the printer. That’s a red signal that you should download a driver for your Epson printer.

There are times, your driver gets infected with a virus, and that’s when you are supposed to uninstall. 

And install a new one from the internet. If you have upgraded your windows, then your older driver might act up or start crashing. Hence downloading a newer version or a compatible one might solve your worries.

Is it safe to download Epson L130 Driver from the internet?

It’s more likely that you have a DVD for the driver, but the internet is the only option left if you have lost or damaged it. As far as safety is concerned, download it from a reliable source.

How to install Epson L130 driver

1-Click on the downloaded file
2-Run the file on your computer.
3-Make sure the devices are plugged in.
4-Follow the steps instructed by the installation wizard.
5-Try printing with the printer once you have successfully installed the driver on the computer.
If the above steps don’t seem to work, you probably need to go to the control panel and click on the printers. After that, click on the printers and devices; this leads you to the Add a printer option. Click on the Add a printer and then click on the windows printer wizard. And then follow the steps as instructed after beginning the printer wizard.


We have covered many aspects of the Epson L130 printer, and they’re still queries left unanswered please make sure to let us know in the comment section. Our website is entirely safe to download any driver, and you can download it from here without any doubts.

We recommend that if there are any issues with your printer and it seems to crash every time you connect your computer with it, download the driver. For the best experience with the Epson printer, make sure you have the right driver for it on your computer.

Please keep supporting our site by revisiting and downloading your favorite drivers from our site. Make sure that to leave a comment or suggestion down below. Your feedback is highly appreciated and let us know if you found the article helpful or not.

Additonal Information

CategoryPrinter Driver
Supported OSAll Windows Operating System
Price Free
Epson L130 Printer Driver DownloadFor Windows 32 bit
Epson L130 Driver DownloadFor Windows 64 bit
Download L130 Printer Driver For MAC


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